Heat stress in dairy cattle

Dear Customer, During the summer months, cows often have to deal with heat stress. And cows can suffer in temperatures from as low as 22 °C. As a result of the heat, cows will drink more water and eat less, absorbing less nutrients. This has negative consequences for the rumen function. The summer period demands an adapted feeding strategy. These tips will help your cows get through the summer.

Fresh air, good hydration and fresh nutrition: 3 basic needs!

1. WIND | To provide sufficient cooling.

2. WATER | A wide range of fresh water --- Easily accessible.

3. FEED | Cleaning the groyne --- Sufficient residual food --- Fresh food --- Feed
at cool times --- Avoid selection.

The Dumoulin range can help support the health and production of your cows during the summer!

Dairy cattle feeds, tailored for every dietary need!
Dumoulin has an extensive range of dairy cattle feeds. For example, for summer heat, it may
be appropriate to use a safer concentrate based on increased levels of NDF, such as
Milkolac 18 Fibre and Promilk 19 Lipo Free. On the other hand, the cows still need sufficient
energy intake. Lipoplus, a core based on rumen-resistant fats, safely provides cows with
plenty of energy. In addition, Lipoplus also has a positive effect on the fat content in the milk.

Buffer, for good rumen function!
During warmer periods, cows are more at risk of rumen acidosis. This is why a buffer to
prevent problems
with the rumen function is especially recommended. Sublim Acid from
Dumoulin provides a very powerful rumen buffer. Sublim Acid is made up of: sodium
carbonate, yeasts, and a physical buffer. This unique combination ensures the ph in the
rumen remains stable.
Support the immune system with OmniGen-AF.Health problems in cattle are often related to stress. The work of white blood cells can be heavily suppressed when they are suffering heat stress. OmniGen-AF supports the natural immune system during stress, and helps the white blood cells clean up germs. To provide extra support for the immune system, it is important to combine OmniGen-AF with anti-oxidants such as vitamin E, selenium, zinc and manganese. These core minerals support the immune system.

● Sublime Sani OG
● Sublime OG

For more advice about the measures you can take to combat heat stress on your farm,
contact your Dumoulin representative!

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